2012 Bond Frequently Asked Questions

Lytle Elementary Bond Planning Process Document

Bond Information Postcard

2012 Elementary Campus Bond Presentation

What does 21st Century Learning mean?

21st Century Learning at Lytle ISD means providing students with access to the additional skills businesses and universities say are necessary for success after high school. In addition to academic skills, suggested competencies include: creative thinking and problem-solving, mental visualization and reasoning, communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation. Additional workplace competencies include:
   * Resources - Can manage time, materials and work

   * Information - Knows how and when to acquire, evaluate, organize and process information.

   * Systems - Knows how social and technological systems work; can distinguish trends

   * Technology - Can select appropriate tool to produce desired results and solve problems.

   * Interpersonal - Participates as a member of a team - serving, encouraging, persuading others. Can negotiate win-win solutions.

To incorporate these skills into the required Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) requires a different style of teaching - incorporating technology and providing student opportunities to work together on learning projects.

When will construction begin?

Construction is scheduled to begin in December of 2012 and scheduled to be completed by December 2013.

Will students be on campus during the renovation?

No, elementary students will be housed at the old Junior High building until renovations are complete.


When would the tax increase go into effect?

Taxpayers will recognize the rate increase in January of 2013.

How will the bond impact those 65 and over?

Citizens 65 and over who have applied for and received the over 65 exemption will see no change to the capped rate on their homestead as a result of this bond.