The Lytle ISD Leadership Team meets regularly to discuss district and educational issues, troubleshoot concerns, review action items for the School Board and community and celebrate learning and student achievement. The team represents the administration of programs and services district wide. Team membership by department is listed below:

ADMIN 16.17.jpg


  • Michelle Carroll Smith, Superintendent
  • Jimmy Gouard, Assistant Superintendent
  • Wendy Conover, Primary Principal
  • Harry Piles, Elementary Principal
  • Kenneth Dykes, Junior High Principal
  • Amy Bibler, DAEP Principal
  • Loretta Zavala, High School Principal


  • Lori Wilson, Athletic Director

Federal Programs / Human Resources 

  • Laura Uribe-Center, Director


  • Carol Calaway, Business Director

Food Services 

  • Amie Carrillo, Director

 Operations and Transportation 

  • Raymon VanCleave, Director

Public Relations 

  • Dr. Randy Ewing

Special Education 

  • Robby Pierce, Director


  • Kenneth Englehart, Director