Social Media Post Creates Concern

The social media post (pictured) has created concern in our district, and we want our community to be made aware. Lytle Police and Medina County Sheriff’s department are investigating the matter. If you have new information to provide, please report using the Crimestoppers button or the Safe2SpeakUp button on Lytle ISD staff is always vigilant about the safety and security of our students. We ask our community members, parents, and students to NOT repost the social media message currently under investigation.

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Manuel Carrillo Retires After 20 Years of Employment with Lytle ISD Operations

 See more  Google Album pics  and add your own pictures to Manuel's Retirement Album!

See more Google Album pics and add your own pictures to Manuel's Retirement Album!

Manuel%2c Nick%2c David1.jpg

Manuel has been with our district for 23 years. He first started as a volunteer and after 2 years, he was hired. Manuel had worked for many years as an over the road truck driver so he was brought in as a bus driver and a general maintenance crew. Over the years, Manuel has served as the standard for our athletic clocks at the baseball/softball fields as well as the football field. He is truly a pirate at heart and one of the districts most loyal athletics supporters. Manuel's main responsibility for the past 15 years has been the baseball and softball field complex and the daily care of those facilities. He also served as a custodian at the Elementary school.

If you would like to share your memories or kind words about Manuel, please add them to this Shared Document, and we'll make sure he sees your messages! 

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