Lytle Elementary shines at UIL meet in Hondo

Thank you to all of our students that tried out for teams, practiced and studied for their activities and were a great part of our campus UIL team!!

UIL Winners from last week's district meet in Hondo:

Chess 4th/5th grade
Mason Ringer-1st
Quen Syma-2nd
Carlos Vierya-5th

Creative Writing 2nd grade
Katara Whitfield-3rd
Alfred Castro-5th

Listening 5th grade
Jasmine Shaw- 4th

Maps, Charts, and Graphs-5th grade
Logan Wilson-5th
Darren Chapa-6th
Jasmine Shaw-Best Alternate

Music Memory-4th grade
Jayden Reyes-6th

Music Memory-5th grade
Mason Ringer-3rd

Number Sense 4th grade
Mason Davila-1st

Number Sense 5th grade
Rylan Wagner-2nd

Oral Reading 4th grade
Justin DeLeon-6th

Oral Reading 5th grade
Mykaela Flores-2nd

Ready Writing-3rd grade
Omar Olalde-6th

Ready Writing-5th grade
Darren Chapa-5th

Social Studies-5th grade
Kody Villarreal-2nd

Spelling 3rd grade
Grace Jurss-4th

Spelling 4th grade
Mason Davila-1st (Perfect Score)
Brian Cogburn-6th

Spelling 5th grade
Mason Ringer-2nd

Storytelling-3rd grade
Robert Lane Wagner-4th

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