**Train Derailment Update**

TRAIN DERAILMENT UPDATE: As many of you have heard from word of mouth or City of Lytle phone calls, we had a derailment of a train on Main Street behind Railhead Cafe and the Feed Store. Lytle ISD administration went to the scene and as a precaution, loaded our Lytle Primary students and staff onto buses to move to the High School Gym if evacuation was necessary. Before the buses left the Prima

ry campuses, Lytle ISD was assured by train and city officials that the rail cars were empty and the propane facility was intact. As of right now, our Primary students are returning to their classrooms and are safe. Our students are our #1 priority and we thank you all for your calls of concern for our students. If any news changes, we will update you! Thank you for your patience!!
Posted on May 3, 2013 and filed under Announcements.