Fox 29's Shaun Stevens visits 5th Grade students

5th graders at Lytle Elementary are starting a PBL on Monday Jan 13:  " How do we prepare for Natural Disasters ?"

Each teacher is having a different type of natural disaster and the research will begin on Monday. The class groups will be separated into 4 additional groups covering topics like: procedure videos, models, mini science fair and a weather forecast video.

Shaun Stevens, Fox 29 Meteorologist, launched our project sharing engaging information to the 5th graders of Lytle Elementary.  He talked to the kids today about how weather forecasting would not be possible without math - weather predictions are a bunch of numbers put together to create patterns and assumptions. He discussed all of the instruments used to predict weather such as an anemometer, radar, satellite, windsock, rain gauge, barometer and more.  He talked about how weather is measured and graphed, he also discussed how we are in Flood Alley and the precautions you should do if you are ever in a flood, tornado, hurricane or thunder storm.  He also talked about the cold we have experienced this year.

Slogans to remember:  "Turn around don't drown"   "Lighting roars, go indoors"

Posted on January 10, 2014 and filed under Events.