Atascosa Stock Show Results from Thursday, Jan. 16th

Stock Show Results: Thursday, January 16, 2014

Today was a very exciting day for the Lytle FFA, we showed 19 pigs and made the sale with 5 of them!

Jonathan Ramirez: 6th place light-heavy weight Hampshire
Jonah Galvan: 7th place light-heavy weight Hampshire
Rene Barron: 3rd place light weight OPB (other pure breed: Chester White)
Zeke Flores: 10th place light weight OPB (Berkshire)
Hannah Decker: 12th place medium weight OPB (Chester White)
Hailey Hughes: 8th place: light-medium weight Cross
Hannah Decker: 11th place: light-heavy weight Cross

Hailey Hughes was called back for showmanship. In addition, Kiersten Friesenhan competed in the swine skillathon competition and were in the top five of the Senior Division.

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