Junior High students bring home awards from District UIL Competition

Our UIL Academic Meet started bright and early as we gathered under the lights at the JH and nearly 60 students boarded the bus to head for Devine. We competed against Devine, Hondo, Fredricksburg and Bandera. We knew our students had worked hard and had a battle ahead of them. I am so very proud of all that competed. We had 30 6th Graders compete, 12 7th Graders compete and 20 8th Graders compete. Several of our coaches are already brainstorming for next year and have started making goals to improve on our standings from this year. Listed below are the students that placed in events and the events they placed in. If you see them next week, please congratulate these students for representing our school and making us proud. I can say all of our students made us proud. They rock!

Mathematics: Coached by Mr. Foster

  6th Grade:  Rylan Wagner 3rd Place

                   Darren Chapa 5th Place

  8th Grade:  Scott Blair  3rd Place


Chess: Coached by Mr. Cavazos

  6th Grade: Mason Ringer 3rd Place

  8th Grade: Jeffrey Toscano 6th Place


Art: Coached by Ms. Vineyard

  7th Grade: Emily Garcia 4th Place

                  Marcus Perez 5th Place

                  Katelyn Terrell 6th Place

                  Giovanni Montfort  7th Place

  8th Grade: Jacob Lytle 4th Place

                  Andrew Gonzalez 6th Place

                  Joseph Perez  8th Place


Spelling: Coached by Mrs. Miller

    6th Grade: Kody Villareal 2nd Place

    8th Grade: Joel Guerrero 3rd Place

                    Jeffrey Toscano 7th Place


Number Sense: Coached by Ms. Mask

    6th Grade: Rylan Wagner 5th Place

                    Abigail Mueller 8th Place

    8th Grade: Paul Tonlinson 4th Place


Music Memory: Coached by Mr. Reyes

    6th Grade: Mason Ringer 1st Place


Maps, Graphs and Charts: Coached by Mr. Cavazos

     8th Grade: Scott Blair 4th Place


Modern Oratory: Coached by Mrs. Slater

     6th Grade: Darren Chapa 5th Place

                     Savannah Laqndwehr 6th Place

    7th Grade: Eleni Keith  2nd Place


Ready Writing: Coached by Mrs. Easterling

    6th Grade: Mason Ringer 4th Place

    7th Grade: Juanita Saldana 4th Place

    8th Grade: Ariel Huron 6th Place


Editorial Writing: Coached by Mrs. Easterling

   6th Grade: Valerie Rangel 4th Place


Calculator Applications: Coached by Mrs. Judge

   6th Grade: Rylan Wagner 4th Place

                   James Black 7th Place

   8th Grade: Wyatt Conover 7th Place

                   John Flores 8th Place


Listening: Coached by Mrs. Null

   6th Grade: Rylan Wagner 2nd Place

   7th Grade: Eleni Keith  3rd Place

   8th Grade: Faith Martinez 5th Place

                   Jacob Lytle best alternate


Impromptu Speaking: Coached by Mr. Foster

   6th Grade: Adrianna Rios 2nd Place

   7th Grade: Eleni Keith 5th Place

   8th Grade: Monique Covarrubias 2nd Place

                   Jacob Lytle 3rd Place


Science: Coached by Mrs. Breit

   8th Grade: Jacob Lytle 5th Place

As you can see, it is a great day to be a Pirate considering our competition! I am super proud of these students, they represented our school very well!

Posted on December 16, 2014 .