Mighty Pirate Band continues to impress at UIL event

On Wednesday, March 5th, the Lytle HS Band traveled to Fredericksburg to compete in the Region XI Concert and Sight-Reading Contest.  The band did well in both portions of the contest, receiving a 2nd Division in the Concert Contest (on a scale of 1 to 5), and earning the top honor of a 1st Division in Sight-Reading Contest.

Some of the comments the band received from Sight-Reading judges were “The band has a good ensemble sound.  There are a number of good musicians here” – Cynthia Bridges, and “This is a well-taught band.  I enjoyed your reading today” – Gordon Shultz.

Although the band missed the top rating from the panel of concert judges, they received several compliments.  Concert judge Ronnie Rios said “Super technique displayed.  Excellent challenges met.  I appreciate the music demands…  This is a very fine band with much potential.”  James Snider wrote “Lots of pride and energy in this band.  Thank your director for all of his hard work.  Very well taught group.  It was a joy to hear you today.”

On a historical note, this year’s 1st Division in Sight-Reading marks the 4th year in a row for the Pirate Band to earn the top rating in that contest.  This is a considerable accomplishment, especially considering that from 1977 through 2007, there were no 1st Divisions earned by the Pirate Band in Sight-Reading.  The directors are all very proud of the talent and work that these students have invested to achieve this consistency over the past four years.

Posted on March 17, 2014 and filed under Good News, Events.