Lytle ISD recognizes staff service at Back to School Convocation

A large group of Lytle ISD employees received service pins Tuesday, celebrating milestone anniversaries with the district!  We are proud to honor the following individuals for their commitment to our Lytle Pirates:

5 Years of Service:  Jennifer Criswell, Jimmy Gouard, Jessica Alexander, Erika Sadler, Paula Millender, Bette Jackson, Christine Pyron, Samantha Martinez

10 Years of Service:  Shirley Rivera, Belinda De La Fuente, Sandra Salazar, Maria Vazquez, Linda Olvera, Mary Woodruff, Barbara De La Fuente, Sonia Clontz, Alice Tomlinson, Kathryn Smith, Alexandra Rios, Anna Jimenez, Amie Carrillo

15 Years of Service:  Bobby McConathy, Norma Mueller, Robert Mumme

20 Years of Service:  Stella Roque, Laura Uribe-Center, Natalie Lopez, Carol Ketron

25 Years of Service:  Brenda Emley, Carol Calaway

35 Years of Service:  Ruth Garcia

41 Years of Service:  Linda Mask

Posted on August 20, 2014 and filed under Announcements, Good News.