Join us for a talk about Student Accountability and testing

If someone handed you a thermometer and insisted you tell time with it you couldn't do it. Thermometers aren't designed to tell time. But let's say you'd never heard of a thermometer and you tried. Gave it your best shot. No matter how hard you tried odds and you'd be wrong when it comes to telling time.

The accountability tests your children take are tools just like a thermometer. And just like thermometers, tests works great for what they were designed for and fail at just about everything else.

Come see what the accountability tests your children take are designed to do and what they are designed not to do.  Educational speaker, John Tanner will be on hand to help answer your questions you may be having. The answers may surprise you!

Parents from all campuses are invited - choose any session if your child is not elementary age!

Posted on November 10, 2015 and filed under Events, Announcements.