LHS Mathematicians take 15th out of 58 teams at Bulldog Calculus Showdown

On Thursday, January 29th the following students participated in The Bulldog Calculus Showdown sponsored by the TLU Math Club:

Onofre Vasquez

Dylan Martinez

Brandi Perkins

Savannah Dyer

I just received the results and our team placed 15th out of 58 competing teams!!!

Unfortunately, our team did not advance to Round 2 of the Bulldog Calculus Showdown as they only take the top 10 teams to the next level. I was notified that the “competition was tough and many teams were close in numbers”.

I am beyond proud of these kids and am very pleased with the outcome! The way I see it, they were extremely close and it is a win in my book! They studied calculus all morning, took the test, submitted their answers, then cleaned up their long work for final submission. Their poor brains were tired by the end of the day and they were exhausted. I could not have been happier with their hard work and dedication. They knew it would not be an easy competition and were amazing all day!

For any of you who know Onofre Vasquez, he ended the day with, “Okay, what next?” He was ready to do it all over again. Other comments I heard from the students were, “That was fun, let’s do another problem like that.” and “No, we can’t go to lunch yet, we still have 4 more minutes. We can finish another problem.”  

How can I NOT love these kiddos?!

Posted on February 11, 2015 and filed under Events, Good News.