Lytle Seniors to take advantage of $662,271 in scholarships & awards

LHS recently held its Senior Awards Night and the recognitions were bountiful! The Class of 2015 has committed to colleges/universities with scholarship & grant awards in the amount of $662,271 to date with other opportunities still coming in for our graduating Pirates.

Students were also recognized in many academic categories as listed below:

24 hour challenge students:

Stacy Cain

Savannah Dyer

Zoe Emley

Megan Garcia

Connor Hoffman

Sarah Jimenez

Desirae Morales

Brandi Perkins

Ashlea Ralph

Jessika Saldana

Aubrey Torres


Recognition of South Texas Blood Bank Honor Cords

Miranda Sevier

Michelle Owen


Recognition of Pharmacy Technician Program

Isaiah Antuna

Stacey Cain

Elizabeth Cardenas

Savannah Dyer

Megan Garcia

Connor Hoffman

Edgar Magallanes Esquivez

Melyssa Renteria

Clarissa Rios

Alexis Rodriguez

Jessika Saldana Farfan

Meagan Trimmer

Denise Tschetter

Onofre Vazquez

Jacqueline Vazquez-Hernandez


Academic Awards

Ariana Fernandez-Pre Calculus, Economics

Kayci Lopez-Pre Calculus, College Prep-Math

Zoe Emley-Pre Calculus Honors, Geometry

Kaitlyn Browning-Pre Calculus Honors, Video Game Design

Nathan Medrano-College Prep-Math

Onofre Vazquez-Calculus AP, Anatomy & Physiology Honors

Ana Avila-Advanced Animal Science

Jethro Stokes-UTeach Engineering, Horticulture

Sierra Aguinaga-Anatomy & Physiology, Pirate Pals

Belen Garcia-Anatomy & Physiology Honors, Advanced Animal Science

Kristen Villareal-Anatomy & Physiology Honors

Marisela Rios-Biology AP, Advanced Animal Science

Natalie Andrade- Biology AP, Advanced Animal Science

Victoria Nicholson-Art

Angela Renteria- Art

Aubrey Torres- Art

Leala Marquez- Art

Cierra Cuenca-Commercial Photography

Alexis Inocencio-Commercial Photography

Angel Martinez-Video Game Design

Christian Nieto-Audio Video Technology

Paul Castro- Audio Video Technology

Daniel Cochran-Advanced Welding

Thomas Schuhardt- Culinary Arts

Emily Guerrero- Floral Design

Eunice Higle-Floral Design

Victoria Lara-Floral Design

Ashley Mumme-Government

Joshua Macat-Pirate Pals

Magali Medina-Pirates Pals, Advanced Animal Science

Armando Martinez-Pirate Pals

Ashlea Ralph-Pirate Pals

Elizabeth Cardenas-Pirate Pals

Connor Hoffman-Pirate Pals

Sarah Jimenez- Pirate Pals

Miguel Guajardo-Pirate Pals, Advanced Animal Science

William Reichel- Pirate Pals

Meagan Trimmer- Pirate Pals

Jasmine Soto- Advanced Animal Science

Randall Montgomery- Advanced Animal Science

Skiler Walden- Advanced Animal Science

Britty Oliver- Advanced Animal Science

Paige Kruciak- Advanced Animal Science

Michael Filline- Animation

Matthew Romero- Animation


UIL Scholar Awards

Onofre Vazquez

Dylan Martinez

Zoe Emley

Svannah Dyer

Natalie Andrade

Marisela Rios

Kristen Villareal

Sarah Jimenez

Jessika Saldana Farfan


Student Athlete Musician Award

Michelle Owen


Top Ten Students

Connor Hoffman

Onofre Vazquez

Kristen Villareal

Savannah Dyer

Belen Garcia

Jessika Saldana Farfan

Brittany Miller

Dylan Martinez

Ashlea Ralph

Zoey Emley

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