Saying goodbye...Demolition project beginning on memorable district building

Saying goodbye.

It is quite often hard to see a relationship change. When children grow up and move away from home, it can be difficult for both the child and the parent. But the relationship does not completely go away – it changes.

The same can be said for the old Junior High and before that the old High School. Many people’s lives were positively affected by what happened in that building. But it wasn’t the building that made the memories; it was the people inside the walls.

It wasn’t easy to decide to tear down the building. Sure there was asbestos and bad plumbing and wiring, but those could have been fixed – but it would have cost several million dollars to make the building meet today’s standards and to be fully functional.

A facilities committee was put together over a year ago to consider options. Working with an architect they narrowed down the options. Just to keep the building unusable would have cost thousands of dollars per year just in electricity costs. To save a small portion of the building would run over a million dollars. They studied the spring survey of nearly 200 responses. In the end the decision was made to make the land ready for whatever future use was determined most appropriate in a future time.

So goodbye old friend and thanks for all the memories created within your walls.

Posted on June 30, 2015 .