Atascosa County Stock Show brings successes to Lytle FFA and 4H students

Another Atascosa County Stock show has come to a close, now on to San Antonio, Houston, and many more. We are very excited to announce the results from the show. The students showed very hard again this year and deserve a good job, high five, or pat on the back if they come your way. Please enjoy a BREIF view of some of the kids showing their animals and some of their ag mech projects. There were so many wonderful pictures it was very hard to choose!


Ag Mechanics


Kody Villarreal: Showmanship and won his division with a John Deere seesaw

Division 2: Truck Accessories

2nd place Manuel Muraira, Julio Diaz, and Jack Hinshaw with a Receiver Hitch Rack

3rd Place Vincente Medina with a Headache Rack

Division 3: Wildlife

2nd place Trevor Miller and Everado Balderas with a Hog Trap

Division 7: Picnic Tables and Outdoors

2nd Place Stone Morales and Trevor Miller with a Swing



The following students went to sale on Saturday for placing with their animal

Rene Barron placed 4th and 5th with his steers in 2 different market classes

Isaiah Gonzalez placed 4th with his pig in a market class

Pablo Soto 5th with his lamb in a market class

Hunter Eichman 7th with his pig in a breeding class and 8th with his pig in a market class

John Flores 11th with his pig in a market class

Logan Wilson 7th with his rabbits

Trevor Miller 12th with his rabbits, 15th with chickens, and 4th place showmanship with his rabbits.

Macy Smith 27th with her rabbits

Sadie Bippert 28th with her rabbits


Lytle 4-H - Livestock

Trent Anderson with Res Grand Champion Breeding Heifer

Tori Adams with 9th place breeding swine, 5th place market swine, 7th place market steer

Kasen Boyd with Grand Champion Broilers

Robert Wagner with Grand Champion Rabbits

Emma Keith with 5th place market rabbits

Allison Ringer with 8th place market rabbits

Gillian Haltom with 14th place market rabbits

Kylie Mask with 17th place market rabbits and 3rd place for rabbit showmanship

Cort Haltom with 19th place market rabbits

Montana Aguilar with 26th place market rabbits

Hudson Mask with 33rd place market rabbits

Alex Naegelin with 3rd  and 6th place market steer

Wyatt Conover with 5th place market steer

Case Conover with 6th place market steer

Gabriel Alcorta with 7th place market swine

Nathan Trimmer with 9th place market swine

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