And the Band Played On!

After some disappointing performances this season, the right Lytle Pirate Band showed up on Saturday and gave their best performance of the year at the UIL Region 11 Marching Contest in Hondo.  The judges awarded the band a unanimous 1st Division rating, and for the first time since 2010, the Lytle Pirate Band is on its way to UIL Area E Marching Contest! 

The contest will be at Calallen HS (Corpus Christi) on Saturday, October 29th.  Since none of the other regions in our area have held their contests yet, we will be waiting until this Saturday to find out which bands from the other regions will be advancing, and consequently what their performance time will be.

The band would like to express its gratitude to the teachers, staff, and administration for their support and encouragement throughout the season.  A special thanks to our Operations Department who has been so accommodating with stadium lights, allowing us to store our props in the trailer, and so many other things that have been such a blessing to us this season.

Thanks again – and if you see a band member, please congratulate them and wish them good luck at Area!


Posted on October 17, 2016 .