**Lockdown Lifted - Statement from Lytle ISD**

Lytle ISD Parents and Community

This morning Lytle ISD received information that a student had tweeted a message to several Lytle students that today there may be shootings at the school and warned seniors to stay away from the school. As a precaution, campuses went into a lockdown and followed our emergency procedure guidelines for dealing with the situation. The Lytle Police, Medina and Atascosa County Sheriff’s Departments all responded and participated in the investigation. The investigation revealed the student had intended the communication to notify others that today was to be a “senior skip day”. One student was taken into custody.

Situations such as this are difficult for all those involved. We must first consider the safety of the children and take all the necessary steps to insure they are safe. Secondly, we need to inform parents. It is important to let them know that we have entered a lockdown, even if we don’t have all the information yet. We understand this may result in heightened anxiety for the parents, but you may be assured that our faculty and staff, as well as our local law enforcement were working to resolve the situation as quickly and safely as possible.

We are thankful for your patience and understanding as we work together to ensure your child’s safety.  


Michelle Carroll Smith

Lytle ISD Superintendent of Schools

Posted on April 20, 2016 .