New program aims to maintain student pride and health

It is always a great source of pride when our students represent the Lytle community well.  From our athletes to the band and from UIL academic teams to the robotics team, our kids do us proud on a regular basis. It is a valuable life lesson to know that “who you are” (what you stand for) is even more important than if you win.

The district believes it is important for our kids to feel that representing the Lytle community is a privilege. And with privileges come responsibilities.  Beginning this fall, students who have the privilege of participating in extra-curricular activities and those that want to drive to school may be subject to random drug screening. This new board policy will give us more reason to say, “We are Pirate Proud.”

For more information on the new program, the following documents will be made available at Lytle High School as well as the Document Vault in the Parent Info section of




Posted on August 2, 2016 .