2017 All-Star Team - Champions for Kids

The students in our Lytle schools depend on the adults in our community to see that their educational opportunities are the best they can be. Our schoolchildren can’t vote in bond elections, can’t debate testing or vouchers, and can’t run for the school board. They are totally dependent on us to provide for them. 

Board members must be the guardians who ensure that we have excellent, nurturing, inspirational schools for our children—all of our children. They can’t focus solely on our own children; they are responsible both for them and for the others who will make up the Lytle community in the future.

In Lytle, there are seven generous people have offered to help through board service. They receive no pay for their dedicated efforts. They not only volunteer their time and effort for our local schools, but they also speak up for our system of public education on a statewide level. They are your neighbors, and they care. 

These public servants sit through meetings, read detailed reports, listen to parents’ concerns, and do the hard work to benefit the students and the community at large. They bring a variety of skills and backgrounds to their task, and they take their responsibilities seriously. And the whole community benefits from their vigilance in providing good schools.


Posted on January 26, 2017 .