A Sad Event - with a Great Reuse

The Sad Event

Over the past few years the district has worked to improve the way our campuses look. Many new landscaping beds have been added and we have worked hard to keep our trees healthy. We began to have a certified arborist work with the district to help with the trees. Unfortunately, they have discovered a problem with some of the large oaks at the entrance to the High School campus that are not doing well and present a safety issue for the district.

The following is from a report submitted by an ISA Certified Arborist, Antonio Villanueva:

                     Ganoderma Conk

                     Ganoderma Conk

During my inspection I noticed fruiting structures growing at the base of the trunks on 3 Live Oaks located on the right side of the main entrance of the high school. There are also fruiting structures growing from the root system. These decay fungi fruiting structures are known as Ganoderma conks which are indicative of active internal decay within the main trunk/stem and major buttress roots. There is no treatment or "cure" for this disease.

This becomes a safety issue because “the roots anchor the tree to the earth and are considered the "feet" on which trees balance and "stand" on. Without major roots to balance and anchor trees; they will collapse.” Because these trees are now considered hazardous, they need to be removed to avoid possible injuries or damages. 

The Great Reuse

            Elementary Outdoor Classroom

            Elementary Outdoor Classroom

While the district has invested a great deal to try to keep all of our trees healthy there is nothing that can be done to save these particular trees. We will however make sure that at least a part of these trees will be used to help make a great learning environment for our students. Parts of the trees will be used to help construct an outdoor classroom for our elementary student similar to the one in the picture to the left. 

Trees AJPG

The two trees on the left and one from the cluster on the right need to be removed as a safety precaution.

Posted on February 8, 2017 and filed under Announcements, Events.