New! Advanced Media Course offered at Lytle High School

This school year, an Advanced Media class is offered at the High School during 2nd and 3rd periods. In this class, students create multimedia products with real-world applications. Students learn from the District Public Relations team as well as professionals in the industry to be journalists, photographers, video producers, graphics designers, and social media publishers. Students will create media products that showcase Lytle ISD events and stories, with guided support from their instructor, Mrs. Lorrianne (Van De Walle) Migura.

Assignments and projects focus on increasing the communications and coverage of student, staff, academic, extracurricular, and community service activities across all Lytle campuses. Students receive elective credit for their contributions to media products and build their own digital portfolios that will open doors to future opportunities. Students are encourage to take both 2nd & 3rd periods as a blocked class, but those who are only able to take the class for one period will be considered.

On a related note, the Skull Studios Student Club is back for students who are interested in building their digital and media skills. Skull Studios students are provided opportunities to meet, create, compete, and further explore careers in all media technology fields outside of the classroom and normal school day.

Are you interested in taking the Advanced Media Class, or want to join the Skull Studios Student Club? There's one simple online application - fill it out and let's get you started experiencing one or both great programs!

 Application - Advanced Media Class and/or Skull Studios Student club

Application - Advanced Media Class and/or Skull Studios Student club

Posted on August 15, 2017 and filed under Good News.