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Manuel Carrillo Retires After 20 Years of Employment with Lytle ISD Operations

 See more  Google Album pics  and add your own pictures to Manuel's Retirement Album!

See more Google Album pics and add your own pictures to Manuel's Retirement Album!

Manuel%2c Nick%2c David1.jpg

Manuel has been with our district for 23 years. He first started as a volunteer and after 2 years, he was hired. Manuel had worked for many years as an over the road truck driver so he was brought in as a bus driver and a general maintenance crew. Over the years, Manuel has served as the standard for our athletic clocks at the baseball/softball fields as well as the football field. He is truly a pirate at heart and one of the districts most loyal athletics supporters. Manuel's main responsibility for the past 15 years has been the baseball and softball field complex and the daily care of those facilities. He also served as a custodian at the Elementary school.

If you would like to share your memories or kind words about Manuel, please add them to this Shared Document, and we'll make sure he sees your messages! 

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Lytle Pirate Band Holiday Performance at HEB Plus!

This time of year, shopping can be a chore...UNLESS the Lytle Pirate Band is there to make your trip a real holiday treat. What a neat place to find talented kids bringing some magic out into our community. They're second stop that day was the Lytle Assisted Living Home. Third stop - HEB on Potranco. This is an awesome, good-hearted group led by Band Director Mark Fender.

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2017 Pirate Band Note 3/4

The 2017-18 Lytle Pirate Band practices, competes, adjusts, competes, practices some more, and - right before marching competition - contends with a series of injuries. This is the third in a series of four videos. If you missed the first two, check them out:

2017 Band Note 1 of 4:

2017 Band Note 2 of 4:

Bonus - Holiday Performance at HEB Plus!

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Lytle Primary and Elementary Nominated for Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase Schools Award

Lytle Primary School AND Lytle Elementary School have been nominated for a Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase Schools award for the 2017-2018 school year by the Flippen Group. 14 years ago, school administrators began an initiative to transform the campus into an emotionally safe and relationally connected place for students, staff, and parents to come together with a love for learning.

After researching programs used by many of the nation’s most successful schools, Lytle Primary School AND Lytle Elementary School chose to join hands with the Flippen Group to bring Capturing Kids’ HeartsⓇ to its campus. Teachers and staff have continued to learn the processes needed to connect students with their peers and adults on campus and to create classrooms where students are excited to learn every day. As a result of implementing Capturing Kids’ Hearts, the schools have developed a culture of relationship building: staff to student, student to student, staff to staff, school to families, and school to communities.

Over the next several months, a Flippen Group site team will visit Lytle Primary School AND Lytle Elementary School to observe the progress taking place and decide whether the campus qualifies to become a recipient of this year’s Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase Schools awards.

 See full Google Photo Album:

Since 1990, campuses across the country have experienced amazing outcomes with Capturing Kids’ Hearts tools and processes, creating the socio-emotional safety conducive to learning. Flippen Group provides educators the skills they need to change the trajectory of students’ lives. Openness replaces defensiveness. Judging and feelings of being judged are replaced with acceptance and real connectedness to the school. “Discipline problems nearly non-existent,” and “Academic achievement constantly improving,” are common feedback followingCapturing Kids’ Hearts implementation.

Through the National Showcase Schools awards, Flippen Group seeks to recognize and celebrate schools that go the extra mile each day, building an environment where students and staff feel safe and connected. Flippen Group believes the unsung heroes who produce exemplary outcomes in schools and pave the way for other schools to follow need and deserve recognition for a job well done.

Capturing Kids’ Hearts campuses across the country are considered for this award based on the following criteria: 1) nomination based on observation, 2) level of implementation of Capturing Kids’ Hearts processes by all staff as measured by online surveys, and 3) data demonstrating that Capturing Kids’ Hearts has made a significant improvement in attendance, discipline, climate/culture, or academics.

Since the nomination period is now closed, Flippen Group teams will begin conducting site visits to nominated campuses to gather additional quantitative and qualitative data and interview students, teachers, administrators, and parents. They will compile a matrix of key measurements from the campus observation. Finally, they will conduct an additional survey to collect feedback regarding the perceived climate and culture of the campus and its conduciveness to learning. Following the site visit, the selection team will review all accumulated data and select the campuses to be this year’s recipients of the Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase Schools awards.

The Flippen Group is proud to recognize the outstanding individuals who have dedicated themselves to making a difference in the lives of our children. As they identify these outstanding schools, campus leaders, and teachers each year, please join in celebrating some of the most skilled and effective educators in the country!

For more information about the Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase Schools awards, contact:

Tanya Peterson

Flippen Group

Office Phone: 1-800-316-4311

Office Fax: 1-877-941-4700

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We ARRR Pirates!

Arrr, one gander at these wee buccaneers and ye'll be hooked! You don't want to miss Pirate Day at Lytle ISD Primary and Elementary schools. It's a great day of learning and fun for staff and students. Enjoy this video put together by Lytle High School Advanced Media and Skull Studios students.

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