High School Students Present Robotics Concepts to Elementary Students

Big shout out to the HS Robotics Team(s) for reaching out to our elementary kiddos. We look forward to see them again tomorrow before school starts to show the fifth graders their robot.  These students came at 7AM - NOW that is early for high school kids.  Big Thanks!

Wendy Conover

Primary / Elementary Principal

robotics mentors.jpg

I love the leadership skills these students are developing. They have really taken ownership of the robotics program and set this up without my help. In fact, they did not even tell me about this until the night before. I am excited to see the growth of the robotics programs with the possible addition of a team at Lytle Elementary School!

Mitchell Hale

Lytle High School

SmartLab Facilitator

Robotics Team Coach

Collaborative Learning Facilitator

Posted on February 1, 2018 and filed under Elementary, Robotics, How Did They Do, High School.