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The District Track meet and the 201702018 season concluded for many of the track athletes from Lytle. 


“The ultimate is not to win, but to reach within the depths of your capabilities and to compete against yourself to the greatest extent possible.  When you do that, you have dignity.  You have the pride. You can walk about with character and pride no matter in what place you happen to finish.” – Billy Mills


We had four teams throwing in the rings and had some good results, PR(personal records), and disappointments.  I was hoping to have Victor Garcia, our only varsity thrower advance in both.  However by scratching two of three of his discus throws he failed to qualify for finals and he was bested on by a thrower from Carrizo Springs to finish 5th with a 40’9.5” throw.  The Carrizo Springs coach was worried about Victor in warmups because he was consistently throwing 43’ shots.  All year something has happened to Victor when the lights come on and he has to step up and compete.  I wish I knew what to do but it is hard to see one of the best throwers in the district stay home. 


The JV boys scored 25 points for the team and had 3 throwers in Discus and four throwers in Shot make the finals. 

                Johnny Paredes             3rd in discus (104’11 PR),              3rd in shot (36’4” PR)

                James Black                    5th in discus  (102’ PR),                6th in shot (33’9.5”)

                Robey Harold                 7th in discus (95’7”),                     5th in shot (34’4.5”)

                Jon Cantu                        discus – 81’6”                                Shot – 29’3”

One of the highlights for my year was having the opportunity for coaching Ronan Galpin.  He placed 2nd with a PR of 11.07 M (36’4”).  I have his shot at district but I have attached his first shot in Pearsall.


The JV girls scored 32 points to help the team win a district championship.  All my JV throwers medaled in their events and Alex Naeglin is the Junior Varsity District Champion in Discus. 

                Alex Naeglin                   2nd in Shot (25’7” PR),                  1st in Discus (84’8” PR)

                Kristen Center                4th in shot (24’7.5”)

                Emili Oliver                     5th in shot (24’1”),                         2nd in Discus (80’9”)

                Jocelyn Sekula                5th in Discus (70’5”)


The three varsity girls competed well.  They threw both events and Katelyn and Noelia get to advance to the area meet.  Both have a good opportunity to advance to the regional meet in Kingsville. 

                Katelyn Van Dong         2nd in shot (31’9.75”),                   7th in discus (79’4”)

                Emily Garcia                   5th in shot (30’.75”),                    6th in Discus (82’4”)

                Noelia Medina                 7th in shot (29’4”),                      2nd in Discus (96’6”)


Thanks to all the parents who came to watch their children throw.  However, not many are blessed to see these athletes throw.  Al Oerter has an interesting quote, “I don’t think discus will ever attract any interest until they let us start throwing them at each other.”  Keep remembering to pray for Bobby McConathy.  Our shots will remain painted blue and gold, FFA colors to keep him in prayers every time we throw. 


Hadley Foster Jr.

Lytle Throwers


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