Eleven Rivers Review Journal

Good Morning to all!!!!

Good things this morning!  I am so proud to announce that one of our art students at the high school Elissa Gallegos has publicized two of her art pieces in a yearly journal Palo Alto College produces.  The journal consist of poetry, small stories and visual artwork that has been reviewed by many writers and artists.  By being enrolled in her dual credit college class she was given the opportunity to submit her artwork to the Palo Alto College “Eleven Rivers Journal Review”.  Her work was selected by residences at San Antonio Art Gallery ArtPace to be featured in the newest edition of the journal.  She is the only high school student that has work featured in the latest journal.  Congratulations Elissa!!! Your creativity and hard work has rewarded you!

Mrs. Sarah Pacheco

Art Teacher

Lytle High School



Posted on May 4, 2018 and filed under How Did They Do, High School.